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Joana Elenkova

My Name is Joana Elenkova

I started my career at Fox Networks Group immediately after I completed my Master’s degree.

I am currently working as a Market Research Analyst in the European Research department. Having already spent 6 months on the position, I can take advantage of the numerous opportunities the company offers to us. A major challenge I initially faced was working with abundant data and various regular and ad hoc requests concerning our channels’ performance across Europe. Our Bulgarian team constantly collaborates with the rest of its global members all over the world, thus gathering in-depth knowledge and invaluable experience from the international multi-media business environment.

For me, FOX, with its friendly atmosphere and good vibes, offers great thrills combined with exciting opportunities to grow my career just in line with my aspirations.

Radka Kostadinova

My Name is Radka Kostadinova

I work as a Market Research Analyst at the European Research Department of FNG Europe and Africa. I joined 6 months ago, right after I completed my MA degree.

Being part of a European team, my responsibilities are quite challenging. Communication and work assignments are bound with a number of people located in different countries and time zones. This dynamic work environment gives me the feeling that I really am part of multinational company. This incredible, positive and open-minded team gives me the ability to look into the future hoping that at some point, through the professional guidance and high-level support of my colleagues, I will become a bright professional like them.

Being part of the FOX family is one of the best experiences I have ever had.

Dimitrina Tanova

My Name is Dimitrina Tanova

My professional path at Fox started almost 9 years ago, way back in May 2008, wow! How time flies…

I started at the reception and moved my way up to be Regional Distribution Manager today, directly responsible for Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania.

The possibility for facing a new challenge every day is what keeps me going. I am proud to say I have not only great talented colleagues but also good friends in many places around the world and I <3 television!

Adriana Nyagolova

My Name is Adriana Nyagolova

I am a Junior Legal Counsel.

I have been with FNG for 6 years and a half.

I love my job here because I am part of a great team of professionals and at the same time I do something I have always been passionate about.

I love FNG because it gives me the chance to work on many exciting projects for some of the most appreciated TV brands around the world.

Teodora Petrova

My Name is Teodora Petrova

I am a Legal Counsel.

I have been with FNG for 3 years.

I love my job here because of the wonderful colleagues, the opportunity to work in a company where you can never be bored, because I never stop learning and improving my skills. I simply enjoy my time at work.

I love FNG because FIC gives me the unique opportunity to be myself.

Tsvetanka Gyosheva

My Name is Tsvetanka Gyosheva

I am a Quality Control Supervisor.

I have been with FNG since the beginning.

I love my job here because I love what I do... and the people I work with.

I love FNG because we can work hard and still have fun.

Pia Kosi Vranješ

My Name is Pia Kosi Vranješ

I am a Key Account Manager.

I have been with FNG for 2 years.

I love my job here because sales is my passion and it doesn't get better than doing that for a brand such as Fox.

I love FNG because I am part of a successful story of great brands, young and motivated people and an environment which gives me opportunities to learn every day, helping me grow personally and professionally.

Katya Marinova

My Name is Katya Marinova

I am a Program Coordinator.

I have been with FNG for 4 years and a half.

I love my job here because I love watching series and I get great satisfaction to plan smart and innovative programs.

I love FNG because it is the best TV media I’ve ever worked at.

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