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Meri Al-Jumaily

My Name is Meri Al-Jumaily

I am a Regional Distribution Manager Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Croatia and Slovenia.

I have been with FNG for 6 years and a half.

I love my job here because each day I am presented with new challenges and situations which really help me to stay focused and interested.

I love FNG because it treats their employees well. In FIC,  I am a happy worker.

Barbara Kelsin

My Name is Barbara Kelsin

I am Ad Sales Manager in Slovenia.

I have been with FNG since December 2011.

I love my job here because TV commercials are my passion and because it matters to me which brand I'm dealing with too. TV Brands with fans are therefore the perfect match for me. I love being part of a big international group where sharing experience is something natural, because this gives me much more opportunities to learn and become better at what I do.

I love FNG because it has great brands, great corporate mentality and multicultural environment.

Vanya Gergova

My Name is Vanya Gergova

I am an Ad Sales Manager for Bulgaria.

I have been with FNG for more than 6 years now.

I love my job here because it  makes me feel alive. It gives me the opportunity to find, challenge and upgrade myself while making friends.

I love FNG because we have the best brands and we have fun!

Ivan Vanchev

My Name is Ivan Vanchev

I am an Operations Manager.

I have been with FNG for more than 4 years.

I love my job because it's filled with new challenges and development opportunities.

I love FNG because of the good team cooperation and the awesome people I get to work with.

Daniela Brestenska

My Name is Daniela Brestenska

I am a Programming Coordinator for Fox Channel.

I have been with FNG for more than 7 years now.

I love my job here because with what I do I can entertain people, how many can say that? I actually don’t work, I enjoy myself. I am paid for doing what I like…I can’t think of a better combination.

I love FNG because the core values of the company align with mine. Here I am feeling happy, proud, motivated and secure. It's my home away from home.

Tsvetomira Petkova

My Name is Tsvetomira Petkova

I started working at Fox in February 2011 as a Scheduler. Now, after 6 years of challenges and team collaboration, I have the chance to develop new skills in my personal growth as a Scheduling Manager.

I am inspired to work for Fox because I have the opportunity to come up with a wide range of ideas and to connect with people from all over the world within FNG group.

I am grateful for the chance to be exposed to one of the best practices on the television market and to be part of day-to-day innovations, learning new things every day.

Kiril Katsarov

My Name is Kiril Katsarov

I am a Copywriter and I have been with FNG for 9 years.

I love my job here because:

Actually this is quite exciting creative work which consists of making TV series promos and movie trailers. And I mean all kinds of processes involved in this making: to watch video materials, to choose the best moments and frames, to write the script, to find the music and effects and finally to edit a 30 sec video clip.  Fun, isn’t it?

I love FNG because it’s the best TV Company located in Bulgaria to work in, it is a worldwide brand, and it is giving great work conditions and added value to the employees.

Gergana Bunardzhieva

My Name is Gergana Bunardzhieva

I am Quality Control - the dream of every teen – I watch movies and series all day long ;-).

I have been with FNG for 4 years and a half.

I love my job here because I work with so many creative, enthusiastic, funny and …. with two words - cool guys.

I love FNG because I love my job. I love my colleagues. I love Fox.

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